Nechala & Co.

It´s thanks to the cooperation within our team of lawyers and the variety of experience that the law firm Nechala & Co. s.r.o. is able to provide high-quality legal counselling practically in all areas of Slovak law. The law firm Nechala & Co. s.r.o. has rich experience in the area of business law and competition, civil and family law, labour law as well as in specific fields, e.g. intellectual property right (mainly computer law), personal data protection, media law, public procurement.



We are convinced that without mutual trust and openness it´s impossible to provide high-quality legal services. We provide our services under price conditions approved beforehand and upon the presentation of a detailed summary of the works performed. We keep our client posted not only in terms of his or her case but also as regards legal environment that could affect his or her business. We promote honest approach in evaluating clients´ problems so that clients themselves are able to consider the costs and risks linked with the initiation of administrative or legal proceedings.


In dealing with cases, we draw on rich practical experience in and knowledge of the decision-making practice of public authorities. In areas in which we are specialized we´ve been regularly holding lectures at seminars and conferences in Slovakia as well as abroad. We also participate in the work of expert groups when making laws.


We´ve been trying to use new technologies, the applicability of the so-called big data, the knowledge of behavioural economists also in the work for our clients more and more frequently. Case visualisations help present convincing arguments in cases requiring decisions of courts. We always search for the fittest solutions and attitudes, using knowledge from other branches.
  • Owner, Property Development Company

    Precision, loyalty and compliance with the agreed terms. This approach makes the Nechala & Co. law firm a partner we can rely on in helping us to solve complex problems.

    Owner, Property Development Company
  • Director, International Logistics Company

    I have been working with the team of Mr. Nechala for many years. I especially appreciate the professional and human approach. The law office offers more than just regular legal services.

    Director, International Logistics Company
  • Finance Director, Printing and Distribution Company

    We have been cooperating with the lawyers of the Nechala & Co. law firm for many years. Their high quality and reliable services have made us a loyal customer.

    Finance Director, Printing and Distribution Company
  • IT Company specializing in data protection

    Personal Data Protection is a relatively new and dynamically evolving legal area. We are pleased to find a partner who is very well versed in our business and can answer our questions.

    IT Company specializing in data protection




The introduction of new rules without correct implementation of these rules is just an administrative burden. We provide counselling aimed at the achievement of expected results. The building of ethical programmes, whistle blowing schemes and other precautions is a necessity in the modern world, where companies are exposed to risks from inside as well as outside and where legislative obligations stand for considerable burden.


We offer the formation, changes and dissolution of companies and the handling of other related affairs on high level, using advances electronic signature.


We provide consulting in terms of the representation of clients in procedures for the authorization of concentrations as well as in procedures investigating possible cartel agreements.


Complex consultancy regarding the preparation of bids and the processing of contractual documentation.


Loss of or damage to transported goods, disputes concerning compensation for damage caused during transportation or differentiation of responsibilities of the carrier and the forwarder are just a small fraction of diverse situations encountered by carriers. Thanks to long-standing experience in transport law, we provide specialized consulting and services focused on the protection of our clients.


The drawing up of licence agreements, contracts with authors and contracts for the creation of work to order under the Copyright Act mainly in the field of software solutions and databases, using experience and the knowledge of the issue.


Personal data protection is a dynamically evolving branch comprehensively regulated also by European legislation. We help find way in the legislation with the aim of complying with all statutory requirements and obligations so that not only personal data of natural persons but mainly finances and reputation of our clients are protected.


We offer representation in zoning proceedings and building permit procedures to entrepreneurs as well as individuals. The drawing up of all required construction contracts or sale and purchase agreements in top quality with emphasis on the protection of clients is a matter of course. In preparing contracts, we draw on real experience gained during lawsuits, as a result of which we are able to avoid conflict situations in terms of contractual relationships.




We consider the knowledge of areas in which our clients operate a part of high-quality and expert work. Therefore we do not avoid the study of technical, medical and economic materials either.


For us the assumption of representation means the beginning of hard work and the commitment to be at client´s disposal. Through technical measures ensure the update of information on procedure status on a regular basis.


We supplement our own capacities with the knowledge of the best experts operating in the respective branch. The source of our knowledge is comprised by the latest publications in Slovakia as well as abroad.


Over the decade of our operation, we have managed to create a network of reliable and loyal partners. We provide the client with complex solutions to cases and assume responsibility for the results.


We are interested in evaluations, we do not object to constructive criticism. For us the client is a partner and together we are on the same side.